As the first post since my “maternity leave” (we now have another beautiful, healthy baby boy), I am more excited than ever for my fellow ballet teachers because I have the following announcement to make:

For the first time ever, you can now study the method of teaching classical ballet, founded by Agrippina Vaganova, from the comfort of your own home, anywhere in the world! Professor Peggy Willis-Aarnio, a leading authority on the method of teaching classical dance, is now offering a 1st Year course (covering the 1st year of the 8-year program) ONLINE.

The course commences on October 13, 2012, for 4 consecutive Sundays. Read more details on the Willis Ballet website, here. Since this is our first online course, we are offering it at a one-time only, low price (with an additional discount for those who pay in full before October 1st).

If you are new to Ballet University, allow me to reiterate what makes Dr. Willis-Aarnio’s courses in the method founded by Vaganova so special…

More than just a syllabus

Dr. Peggy Willis-Aarnio’s courses give you the tools to:

  • Help every one of your students, not only the naturally gifted
  • Take your personal dancing to a whole new level
  • Understand the correct execution of each exercise, and the physiological reasons WHY
  • Make your own lesson plans that are precisely structured for efficiency, effectiveness and injury prevention
  • Follow in a line of distinguished pedagogues who taught the greatest artists of the past century (including M. Baryshnikov, N. Makarova, R. Nureyev, G. Mezentseva, G. Ulanova, V. Panov, G. Panova, and many others)

Why Vaganova, and don’t I have to go to Russia?

The teaching method of classical ballet founded by Agrippina Vaganova was developed into an exact science by her colleague and pupil Vera Kostrovitskaya, with the input of countless other ballet teachers from Russia and scientists in various fields. It was Vaganova’s intent that this method should not be “her’s” nor “Russia’s,” but that it be the global, physiologically-correct method for training classical artists. As proven by the technical virtuosity and genuine artistry of dancers trained with this method, it is really the most contemporary teaching method ever developed and tested in the world to date.

Vera Kostrovitskaya’s pupil, John Barker, was the recipient to her’s and Vaganova’s legacy in the West. For Barker alone, Kostrovitskaya wrote a much more detailed version of the syllabus than what was published in her book, School of Classical Dance. She also taught him all of the hundreds of rules and thousands of details which comprise the method, which when lost, the syllabus loses it’s true meaning. As one of the most dedicated students of John Barker, Dr. Peggy Willis-Aarnio became the “transmitter” of this invaluable information. Her work over the past 39 years–through her teaching, educational products and international teacher’s congress’–has done much to carry on the proven procedure Vaganova began, which is precisely what Kostrovitskaya had hoped. (Read more about Dr. Peggy Willis-Aarnio)

How to Enroll

Click here to enroll in the 1st Year Online Course, beginning October 13, 2012.

Be the first to enroll and receive a FREE copy of Prof. Willis-Aarnio's academic book on Vaganova, Agrippina Vaganova, Her Place in the History of Dance and Her Impact on the Future of Classical Dance (a $159.00 value). All others who sign up can receive the book at HALF-PRICE.

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