Villagers Create Amazing Nighttime Window Displays to Cheer Up Neighbors – 500 So Far

Cotswold villagers have been busy creating colorful nighttime window displays to cheer up the neighbors’ who are on their daily walks during lockdown.

Around 500 windows in the picturesque English town of Wotton-under-Edge have been transformed, with residents decorating their windows in bright, ornate, and often touching designs.

It all started when hundreds of families signed up for the Wotton Window Wanderland event. This year’s theme? Celebrating community. The aim? Raising people’s spirits during the pandemic.

Organized by Martin Clarke, this is thought to currently be the country’s biggest outdoor art show.

People hope their parade of ‘painted’ windows will inspire other places around the world to put on their own Covid-safe, community-friendly art galleries.

We’ve curated photographs of some of our favorite artworks below—and you can see all of the designs on the event’s Instagram page.

If you’d like to learn how to make similar window displays, you could look up Japanese paper lightbox art online (there are tutorials on Pinterest). Get ready to be inspired.